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Monday, 21 February 2011

J'aime / Je n'aime pas

Talking about what you like and don't like.

You can say that you like something (a noun) or you can say that you like to do something (a verb) - here are some examples.
As an introductory activity you could watch this video clip from the BBC website Talkfrench.
Now for some practice! Try saying which vegetables you like or dislike - Les légumes.
Then try the online exercises to practise saying which animals you like or dislike.
You have just practised talking about some of the things that you like (nouns).
If you want to talk about some of the activities you like to do (verbs) then here is an explanation from
For easy listening practice you could try these games.
For more advanced listening practice you could try this video clip about TV, sports and Music.
The teacher asks Luc what he likes to do in his free time.

What does Luc like and dislike doing?