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Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Listening practice for GCSE

In the countdown to your listening exam you should explore the audio files and listening exercises on these websites:

Frenchinaclick - Click through to the topic you want to revise.
Then click on "Pratique" and "Ecoute".

GCSE Bitesize French is another useful site for practising GCSE type listening questions.

For learning vocabulary with audio clips of the pronunciation of each word or phrase go to 
Click on Intermediate and the V in the top right corner for Vocabulary topics.
Learning vocab is so important for success at GCSE.

For basic French practice with audio files try Mylo.

 Or for simple games and exercises with audio

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Telling the time

Quelle heure est-il? - what time is it?

If you've practised learning numbers then it's time to learn how to tell the time!
There's lots of help and practice on the web.
You can listen to the time with this practice lesson.
There's also an exercise so you can check what you've learnt.
For more listening practice you can try these activities and games.
For more writing and reading practice the languages online website is very useful. Try exercises 1 -8.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Numbers 20-100

You need to know numbers for:
- dates
- birthdays
- telling the time
Practise numbers here

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Les professions et les m├ętiers Professions and jobs.

GCSE bitesize French has a listening exercise which practises this topic.
Match the job to the picture in this exercise.
Now, if you've been studying French for a few years then take a look at these two websites:
online activities to help you to talk about future plans;
also, this advanced listening exercise from GCSE Bitesize might interest you.


What is your job? 
Practise talking about where people work.
Reading exercise - describing what people do in their job
Listening - Test yourself on what you have just learnt in the reading exercise

Learn the rules about changing the gender of jobs depending on whether the person doing the job is male or female.
Give the feminine for the jobs you have practised.
Then try this writing exercise to  test this knowledge. 
All these pages come from

Friday, 13 February 2015

New French4u site

Click on the link to explore French4u language learning guide.
A clear and simple reference guide for French language learners.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

En ville - places in town

Talking about the town where you live.
Learn the words for places around town from this website
Click on the "V" for vocabulary in the top right hand corner and select a topic.
Practise words and phrases for places in town by completing these exercises.
To practise the names of shops try Les magasins en ville.
You might want to say how far you live from different places, here's a fun online exercise to help you practise talking about distances "C'est loin?" "Is it far?"
For audio clips try the Mylo site.